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Welcome to the Cabane des Dix

Opening :

Summer: June 22 to September 28, 2024
Spring: March 08 to May 12, 2025
Winter premises closed for renovation

With 6,500 overnight stays a year, the Cabane des Dix is a must on the Haute-Route. Here, between snow-capped peaks and starry skies, every stay becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Terms and conditions

Before setting off into the mountains, careful preparation is essential.

Always check the weather forecast and adapt your equipment accordingly. Take along warm, waterproof clothing and a survival blanket.

Don’t forget to check access status on specialized sites or with the right people. Make sure you have enough water, food and a first-aid kit.

Let someone know where you’re going, and bring a headlamp and a map or GPS to help you find your way.

Caution and good preparation are the keys to a successful mountain experience.

History of the Cabane des Dix

The Dix hut was built in 1908 by the Monte Rosa section of the Swiss Alpine Club. This modest wooden house was located on the left bank of the Cheilon glacier at an altitude of 2,640 m. In 1928, it was dismantled and rebuilt higher up, at 2928 m, at a place called Tête-Noir. In 1936, a new stone hut was built. The latter was finally enlarged in 1978 to its current size. Since then, renovations have enabled the Cabane des Dix to offer guests all the comforts they would expect from a high mountain hut in the Swiss Alps.


A NO SHOW TAX corresponding to the full amount of the board will be charged for non-cancellation and CHF 40.00 for cancellation less than 48 hours before arrival.

See Swiss Alpine Club terms and conditions: